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Eco-Slab™ is manufactured from Carbon Enriched Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) by Jablite, Styropak, a member of the Synbra group of companies who take their commitment to the environment seriously. At every stage of its life cycle, from production to recovery or recycling, Eco-Slab™offers exceptional eco-credentials. All manufacturing processes comply with current environmental regulation. No CFC’s or HFC’s are used in it’s manufacture.

EPS is 98% air and 2% plastic and uses, as its base material, styrene monomer. The monomer is a by-product of petroleum and naphtha produced during oil refining which provides a ready and continuous source. Styrene also occurs naturally in many foods such as strawberries, coffee beans, beer and wine.

It’s A+ rating in the BRE Global Green Guide to specification make EPS one of a group of construction materials with the least possible environmental impact and it’s outstanding thermal insulation qualities make it ideally suited for use in floor insulation and sub structures.

A+ is the highest standard a building product can achieve after being rigorously evaluated on specific environmental impacts in comparison to other building materials.

EPS stability does not deteriorate with age, which ensures that Eco-Slab is able to give constant insulation for the full service life of the building.

EPS is non-toxic, chemically inert, non-irritant and rot-proof. Fungi and bacteria cannot grow on EPS and it is insoluble and non-hygroscopic.

EPS is rodent-proof and having no nutritional value, does not attract vermin.

Making Eco-Slab from EPS gives maximum return for minimal us of resources. Each kilogram of oil used in producing Eco-Slab saves at least 400 litres of oil for heating homes and workplaces over a 50 year period.

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