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Retrofit: Housing

Retrofitting a Ground Floor

Significant heat loss through the ground floor is a common failing of British housing stock in both old and new homes, installing Eco-Slab™cans reduce or eliminate heat loss at ground level. Replacing the floor is also an essential step in creating a thermal envelope, widely recognized as the most effective construction method for conserving heat, improving energy performance and reducing global warming.

Retrofitting homes in the UK often requires working in a small, enclosed space on a busy urban street. Replacing the floor using traditional working methods and materials is costly and impractical under these conditions and can take up to ten days. Adopting the Eco-Slab method the time can be reduced to one day with substantial environmental and economic benefits and assist in meeting the requirements of current building legislation and code 6 for sustainable homes.

Benefits of Using Eco-Slab™

Environmental and Cost Benefits of Eco-Slab™

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