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Beattie Passive Use Eco-Slab in Fife

Beattie Passive have just started work on housing in Fife using Eco-Slab as an integral part of thier low cost, patented construction technique.  Fife is fast becoming a hub for developments in building technologies which underpin the move to sustainability and the a low carbon economy.

Eco-Slab awarded Best Product Award by international architects and planners, Scott Brownrigg at Business and the Enviroment Best Practice Awards 2011-12

Eco-Slab has been awarded the the Best Product Award by International Architects and Planners, Scott Brownrigg at the 2011-12 Business and the Enviroment Best Practice Awards. Launched by Decision Magazine and co hosted by RT Media the awards were established to recognise companies who take a lead environmentaly. The unique quality about the awards is that no company can put themselves forward to be nominated; 5000 companies in the south were tracked, with shortlists and winners identified from research, with their credentials independently evaluated against the following foundation attributes:
- Having ISO4001 accreditation or adherence to EMAS, PA52050 protocols.

It is very encouraging that the contribution Eco-Slab can make to creating sustainable construction practices and improving the thermal performance of buildings has been recognised by this award and we look forward to working with Scott Brownrigg in the future. More Info>>       

Eco-Slab at the Big Green Home Show

Thank you to everyone who came to see us at the Big Green Home Show in November at the National Self Build & Refurbishment Centre in Swindon. We had a fantastic response from self-builders, architects, builders and professionals in the construction industry. Word reached the ears of Tommy Walsh who was visiting the show and he came to the stand to learn more. He was so impressed with what he saw he offered to have his photo taken with us on the stand, Click to view

Eco-Slab achieves Zero Carbon

Eco-Slab was used in 3 terraced houses built in Chewton Mendips by Arthur Bland in 2009. Autumn Green Building Magazine featured an article by architect David Hayhow in which he reviewed the houses 2 years on and confirmed that u values for the floor achieved .13, which meets and exceeds zero carbon standards as set out by zero carbon hub. For full article see Green Building Magazine autumn issue.

Eco-Slab in ECD architects BRE Retrofit Pilot

Eco-Slab was specified by ECD architects for the Queens Park Retrofit, a high profile, exemplar project retrofiting a series of terraced properties within the Queens Park Conservation Area and Low Carbon Zone, this project is being used by the BRE as a Pilot for their ‘BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment Standard’. Link to EDC website Click here

Building a green future

A new eco-friendly building material is set to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of housing developments. More info »

Eco-Slab™ wins prestigious Springboard award

Shell Springboard is a programme that provides a financial boost to innovative, low carbon business ideas from across the UK. More info »

Eco-Slab in The Sunday Observer Article – The two-bed thermal envelope

It’s unlikely that you would turn up at a pretty, quiet Somerset village in search of any kind of revolution. In fact, you’d be hard pushed to spot anything revolutionary in the village of Chewton Mendip, save perhaps for a few solar panels on top of the local school. More info »

Eco-Slab in RIBA Journal Article - The Affordable Face of Zero Carbon

Eco-homes. A Somerset builder has put up zero carbon-designed homes at a comparable cost to conventional houses. Volume housebuilders seem struck dumb by the achievement  For full article click here

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