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Eco-Slab drawingOrdering and Delivery information


The cost of Eco-Slab™ is £29.98  per m2 + VAT

(Allow £2 per m2 for site handling & installation)

Standard Pack

Eco-Slab is supplied in standard packs.

A standard pack includes the following components to cover 6m2 of floor: 6 x Raft, 4 x Edge Beam, 2 x Infill tiles

Spacers if required are available in  packs of 200 in sizes 25mm, 40mm 50mm

Cost: 200 Spacers  £20 + VAT

Delivery Charges UK (excluding Northern Ireland)

We offer free mainland UK standard shipping on all orders over 18 standard packs (108m2). Deliveries to EC Member States and Northern Ireland are calculated on the assumption that the Buyer will arrange and pay for transportation from a delivery point they nominate within England, Wales or Scotland

Delivery Lead Times

Please allow 5 to 10 working days for Eco-Slab™ to arrive within the UK Delivery locations

We deliver throughout England, Wales and Scotland


Credit card and Debit Card orders are processed immediately. Payments by BACs or by Cheque may require bank clearance prior to goods being shipped


Eco-Slab™ is supplied in standard packs of 6m2

Dimensions Base 1.2m x 1.2m
Height 2.3m Weight 16.2 kg.

The packs are easily manually off loaded and handled. Packaging is kept to an absolute minimum, a standard pack is bound with 2 nylon bands

Full load

A Curtain sided articulated lorry can accommodate 22 standard pallets containing a total of 264m2 of Eco-Slab™